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Ashdown Forest RDA

Making riding accessible for the disabled

Our Riders

Over the past five years riders from Kent, East and West Sussex have been coming to us with their parents or carers for a wonderful experience.

Our Ponies

At the heart of all RDA groups are amazing horses and ponies and - their 'giving' tempraments allow riders to feel at ease, and grow in confidence.

Ashdown Forest RDA volunteers

Our Team

The Ashdown Forest RDA was started in 2008 by Ali Remmen, with the amazing support of a team of volunteers.

Welcome to Ashdown Forest RDA

Equine Therapy for children

Equine Therapy brings confidence, smiles and laughter to children and at the Ashdown Forest RDA we offer children the opportunity for a full equine experience including 

  • Riding
  • Stable management and looking after ponies including grooming
  • Leading
  • Learning about how the pony works from the inside as well as the outside!
  •  .....  all done through lots of fun educational games!

Our aims are to give each of our riders, handlers or groomers! the support to find their own pathway and build confidence, with the help of trusted ponies.

We have fun - with safe boundaries - which results in children who are able to grow their confidence whilst exercising.

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Ashdown Forest RDA - Equine Therapy for Children Charity no. 1127687